BORIS Johnson will not be permitted to use the Prime Minister’s country house for a planned “champagne-soaked” bash to celebrate his wedding, according to reports.

The Prime Minister, who remains in post since announcing his resignation on Thursday, was said to be clinging on to the premiership to throw a swanky bash to celebrate the one-year anniversary of their nuptials.

But a Government source has now confirmed the party will not be going ahead.

They told the BBC that “nothing had been 100% firmed up” but that an alternative venue would be used.

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The couple were married last year but said they were unable to celebrate properly due to Covid restrictions.

Retaining access to Chequers was reportedly a key reason the Prime Minister wanted to remain in post.

James Cleverley, who was appointed Education Secretary yesterday in what some are calling Johnson’s “caretaker” Government, had suggested the next Prime Minister should respect the Johnsons’ wishes and allow the wedding to go ahead – even if Johnson is no longer Prime Minister.

Questioned about the reports on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Cleverley said: “I think that if that is done by that point in time, I suspect that it would be a rather generous action of the new prime minister to allow that to go ahead.

“Private functions like that do not impose a burden on the public purse…

“I think it’s churlish to be negative about two people who want to celebrate their marriage and their love for each other.”

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A report in the Evening Standard’s gossip column, published before the Prime Minister was brought crashing down by Tory MPs, reported the couple were planning “a champagne-soaked soirée at Chequers” in the summer.

The Sun reported the party will be held on July 30 – by which time Johnson may have departed No 10.

One source told the paper: "It beggars belief that even after all the criticism Johnson has faced regarding integrity and probity, one of the reasons he is staying is to have his wedding party at Chequers.

“The Johnsons should do the decent thing and find a different venue."