FORMER Prime Minister Theresa May was seen dancing at a festival hours after Boris Johnson announced his intention to step down following the collapse of his Government.

Just hours following the humiliating climbdown of her successor, who said he wants to stay in post until the next Tory leader is picked, May was filmed at the Henley Festival bopping along to UK garage heavyweight Craig David.

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During his song Nothing Like This, the former Prime Minister, who was herself the subject of a Tory coup following months of wrangling trying to pass legislation to leave the European Union, was captured swinging her arms at the Berkshire festival on Thursday night.

It’s not the first time May’s moves have caused a stir, having once awkwardly stalked on stage at the Tory party conference to Abba’s Dancing Queen.

The Henley Festival touts itself as an “exclusive boutique black-tie festival” where day tickets cost more than £100 a pop.

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Johnson announced his resignation on the steps of Downing Street, around three years after May acknowledged she too had lost the confidence of the Conservative party.

But the Prime Minister remains in post and hopes to do so until the autumn and a new leader is selected.

His defiance has sparked anger among Tory ranks who want to see Johnson gone as soon as possible.

Labour leader Keir Starmer has pledged he will attempt to oust the Prime Minister in a confidence vote, which would need the backing of Conservative MPs.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said yesterday Johnson had to go immediately.