WHEN two sisters lost their careers during the pandemic lockdown, they used the opportunity to create their own natural perfume business – and their scents have drawn in plenty of customers.

Vivienne Calgaro and Yvonne Russell have almost 60 years of professional experience in holistic aromatherapy and reflexology between them and, despite living hundreds of miles apart, created perfume blends that are inspired by their individual and mutual memories and experiences. 

Calgaro explained: “Our perfumes come from our hearts, stimulated nature, derived from our combined professional expertise, and are designed for everyone.”

Based in Cupar, they approached Business Gateway Fife for support, and adviser Shona Morrison said: “With their years of experience in their respective fields, the ladies have shown that it is never too late to follow your dreams and create the business you have always wanted.

“Their business is gaining ‘five-star’ reviews and they hope to collaborate soon with beauty and fashion industry experts.”

Expressing gratitude for the assistance and confidence they received from Business Gateway Fife, Calgaro said: “We formed the name VYV from both our names, Viv and Yve, which roughly translates from French as, lively, radiant, dynamic and ‘long live’.

“Our ethos at VYV is to maintain as clean a profile as possible by sourcing suppliers who share our ethical and environmental appreciation and responsibility.”