The National:

THE timings of Boris Johnson’s calls to his best broskyy have been revealed to be … somewhat convenient.

Analysis from the i newspaper suggests the Prime Minister has timed the announcement of his calls with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy at the lowest points of his premiership.

Perhaps Zelenskyy truly is the only one – out of his wife, his family and friends, the rest of the Cabinet and political allies – who really gets him. The person to whom he can turn in times of crisis, which are of course many.

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The latest of crisis for Johnson, following on the from the no-confidence vote not two weeks ago, is the looming by-elections many think the Prime Minister is sure to lose.

Instead of meeting with the Tory party faithful in Doncaster – and for that we truly cannot blame him – the PM instead flew to war-torn Kyiv for a meeting with President Rambo.

It’s just awfully convenient the man on the other end of the line is a war hero President, widely admired and respected for his bravery and nerve on the world stage.

The well-timed announcement of a call to Kyiv could provide a slight bump in the PM’s ratings – or at least keep the hyenas in grey suits at bay for a little longer.

The i reports that recent examples include the announcement of a call with Johnson’s BFF which came less than an hour after the Prime Minister’s ethics adviser had resigned.

And when Graham Brady, chairman of the hyenas in grey suits committee, announced the Prime Minister would face a no-confidence vote, Johnson had just emerged from another call with Zelenskyy. The list goes on.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesperson has, of course, categorically denied the calls are timed.

They told the paper: “This is categorically untrue. The timings for these calls are mutually agreed and understandably often dependent on President Zelenskyy’s availability. Any suggestion otherwise is ludicrous.”