INDEPENDENCE supporters will be flocking to Bannockburn tomorrow for All Under One Banner’s (AUOB) Our Right to Decide march.

The rally will be held on Saturday June 25, just after the anniversary of Robert the Bruce’s victory over the English army in 1314.

A Twitter statement from the group said: “Since the 2014 vote support for independence has largely split Scotland down the middle. But whether you support or oppose Scotland becoming an independent country, there ought to be the agreement that this is a choice for the people of Scotland.

"Scotland's future should not be determined by any UK Government in Westminster, nor any other foreign power. It's Our Right to Decide.”

AUOB’s official Facebook page for the event can be found here.

Where does it begin?

The rally will start at 12.30pm and go from Auld Stirling Bridge and end up in Bannockburn field at around 4.15pm.

What route will the march take?

The march will go through these streets:

Auld Stirling Brig, Laurencecroft Road, Drip Road, Back O’Hill Road, Lower Bridge Street, Cowane Street , Barnton Street, Murray Place, King Street, Corn Exchange Road, Albert Place, Dumbarton Road, Queens Road, Victoria Place, King’s Park Road, Polmaise Road, Torbrex Road, Weaver Row, McGrigor Road, Craigend Road, Barnsdale Road, Newpark Road, Nailer Road, Borestone Place, Bannockburn Field.

Saor Alba Pipes and Drums will be the front band on the march and the Yes Bikers will also be in attendance.

Who will be speaking?

SNP MP Alyn Smith is set to address alongside speakers from Now Scotland, Commonweal, the Scottish Republican Socialist Movement, the Alba Party, Hope over Fear, Sovereignty, Scottish CND, the Scottish Resistance and the Scottish Independence Foundation.

There will also be music entertainment from Andy Duncan, Andy Docherty and Neil Mackay.

The organisers have issued an open invitation to Yes groups to set up stalls on Bannockburn field. AUOB have asked that attendees arrive in plenty of time if they wish to do so.

When are the steward's briefings?

AUOB are looking for additional volunteer stewards. If you want to help organise then the stewards briefings will take place at 11.30am and 12pm at Old Stirling Bridge.

However, if you miss those meetings then you can approach a steward (those wearing hi-vis vests) when you arrive and be integrated into the team.

Has coach travel been organised?

Two Yes groups, Yes Aye Rosyth and Aye Aberdeen are running coaches to the march on Saturday.

Yes Aye Rosyth's coach will pick up marchers at Glenrothes (outside Wetherspoons) at 9.55am, Kircaldy Chapel level petrol station at 10:05am, Cowdenbeath fountain 10:20am, Rosyth (outside Nisa store on Queensferry fountain) at 10:40am, and at Dunfermline (outside Debenhams at Kings gate) at 10:55am.

Tickets are £15 return and can be purchased in person at the bus.

Aye Aberdeen's coach will leave from Robert Gordon's College, Aberdeen, at 9:00am and will return at 8pm, picking up at other locations en route.

Tickets are £20 return. Information on how to purchase tickets can be found here.

Which roads will be closed?

Between 12.30 and 4pm the following roads may be closed to general traffic. No alternative route is provided as it is a rolling closure.

Laurencecroft Road (for full length)
Drip Road (from Customs Roundabout to Back O’Hill Road)
Back O’Hill Road (from the point where it meets Drip Road to where it meets Lower Bridge Street)
Lower Bridge Street (from the point where it meets Back O’Hill Road to where it meets Cowane Street
Union Street (for full length)
Cowane Street (from Lower Bridge Street to Wallace Street junction)
Barnton Street (for full length)
Murray Place (for full length)
King Street (from Murray Place to Corn Exchange Road)
Albert Place (from Corn Exchange Road to Dumbarton Road West)
Queen’s Road (for full length)
Victoria Place (from Queen’s Road to King’s Park Road junction)
King’s Park Road (from Victoria Place to Polmaise Road)
Polmaise Road (for full length)
Torbrex Road (for full length)
Weaver Row (for full length)
Borestone Crescent (from Weaver Row to Borestone Roundabout)
McGrigor Road (for full length)
Craigend Road (from McGrigor Road junction to Barnsdale Road)
Barnsdale Road (from Craigend Road junction to southerly junction of Newpark Road)
Newpark Road (from southerly junction with Barnsdale Road to Nailer Road junction)
Nailer Road (for full length)
Borestone Place (for full length)

Parking will be suspended on Borestone Place, Newpark Road and Nailer Road between the hours provided above.

How many people will be there?

Organisers expect there to be more than  1000 people attending the rally.

When is the next march?

The next march is at Faslane on Saturday, 30 July.