SCOTTISH Tory MP Andrew Bowie appears to have broken ranks with his party, criticising a "strange mix of complacency, entitlement, fear and exhaustion" in an online blog post. 

On ConservativeHome, the West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine MP said something had "gone wrong" in the party, suggesting it had lost its way and lost "the spirit of 2005", when David Cameron began attempting to revive them after almost a decade of Labour rule.

In the post, he bizarrely cited a speech by Cameron which he said he recalled whenever felt "conflicted" about an issue. 

It said: “People in this country are crying out for a Conservative party that is decent, reasonable, sensible, commonsense, and in it for the long term of this country. And that is the party we are going to build, and I want everyone to join in.

“If you want to build a modern, compassionate Conservative party, come and join us. If you want me and all of us to be a voice for hope, for optimism and for change, come and join us. In this modern, compassionate Conservative party, everyone is invited."

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But he then went on to suggest the party has become complacent after years in power and criticised a number of policy decisions such as increasing National Insurance.

He also insisted the party needs to build a "new, positive relationship with the EU" and work with them to resolve issues.

Bowie said: "We see evident now in the Conservative Party, my party, a strange mix of complacency, entitlement, fear and exhaustion.

"Complacency bred from the fact that the Labour Party, after more than a decade in turmoil and opposition, pose no electoral threat. Entitlement bred from the comfort of office and power. Fear bred from the nagging doubt that we might actually be wrong, and that years on the opposition benches await.

"And exhaustion from 12 hard years of Government that have seen economic crises, migrant crises, an independence referendum in Scotland, Brexit, snap elections, a global pandemic and war in Europe.

"So we end up here. Talking the talk of lowering tax whilst increasing National Insurance. Giving investment incentives to increase our domestic oil and gas production whilst imposing a windfall tax.

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"Making the right noise about cutting the size of government, not recognising it was our party that created two new departments in the last six years. Espousing the values of Global Britain whilst shrinking our diplomatic presence overseas.

"Where’s the spirit of 2005? Where’s the big idea? What’s the offer to the country?

"I firmly believe, whoever is leader of my party, the Conservative and Unionists remain the only party capable to tackling the challenges that face us as a nation.

"But we need to rediscover that confidence. We need to reach out, think radically, be bold.

"We need to build a new, positive relationship with the EU. Never compromising on our sovereignty or the integrity of our union, but working with them to resolve issues and together to tackle our shared challenges."

Bowie was one of four Scottish MPs to lodge a vote of no confidence in Johnson on Monday, despite complimenting his leadership as London Mayor in his blog post.

He said: "We need to talk to a new generation in the same way Cameron, [George] Osborne, and yes, for eight great years, Boris did in London."