AN apparent Nazi symbol has appeared on a Jubilee float in London, prompting anger and confusion.

A Northern Soul-themed vehicle making its way through the Queen’s Jubilee parade had a large sticker attached to it that shows Z-like lines on the outside of a circle with triangular shapes pointing to the middle.

The image looks very similar to that of the Black Sun, a Nazi symbol and sun wheel which consists of 12 radial sig runes.

The National: The symbol on display at the Northern Soul float has been compared to the Black SunThe symbol on display at the Northern Soul float has been compared to the Black Sun

People on social media reacted with shock and confusion to the symbol.

One person tweeted: "Why’s the black sun on the northern soul float at the jubilee parade?"

Richard Cubitt said: "Deeply concerning that this is happening openly at the Jubilee parade. Who invited them?"

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User Olive replied: "Even if this was a mistake, this makes me embarrassed to be a UK citizen."

Gary Dunion added: "A Nazi symbol on a float supposedly recognising an explicitly anti-racist youth subculture. What was it the commentators have been saying on a loop all weekend? 'Britain does this kind of thing so well'?"

Many suggested the symbol was simply a mistake by organisers, saying they may have been looking for the logo of a former Manchester nightclub Twisted Wheel.

The Northern Soul venue's logo shows a wheel inside a rose.

Northern Soul was a music and dance movement which emerged in Northern England and the Midlands from the Mod scene, which evolved out of the soul genre in America.

The National found one royalty-free-images site included a Black-Sun-style symbol in amongst a series of graphics listed under "Northern Soul".