THE head housekeeper at Chequers, the Prime Minister’s traditional country house, quit after clashing with Boris Johnson’s wife Carrie, it has been claimed.

Charlotte Vine reportedly left her job at Chequers after a payoff and the signing of a non-disclosure agreement.

The Times has reported that Vine’s departure followed a falling out with the Prime Minister’s wife, which has been refuted by a spokesperson for Carrie Johnson.

It is understood that Vine had first worked at chequers in 2004 and then again after working in another ministerial residence.

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The Times had previously reported that Vine had been reprimanded for “inappropriate handling of a personal item” belonging to Carrie Johnson but that disciplinary action had been dropped with Vine leaving with a payoff in early 2020.

A source said that tension between Carrie Johnson and Vine arose soon after the couple started using the country house.

They said: "Carrie took something Charlotte said completely the wrong way. It started over a catering matter. It led to Carrie refusing to go to Chequers when Charlotte was there."

A spokeswoman for Carrie Johnson told MailOnline: "It is untrue to suggest there was a personal dispute between Mrs Johnson and the head housekeeper.

"Nor was there any request from Mrs Johnson for staffing changes."

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Meanwhile, The Mirror reported that an insider said that there were allegedly wider tensions between Boris Johnson, his wife and the residence’s staff.

“It was chaos, ‘Can we come now?’ or ‘We’re coming tomorrow’," a source alleged.

"They were told they couldn’t because there were no staff.”

A Government spokesman said: "Chequers is managed by an independent trust and this is a longstanding process, staffing arrangements are entirely a matter for them."