A Rally for a Republic will be held in Edinburgh during the Jubilee, advocating that Scotland become “a modern, forward-thinking republic with a written constitution”.

Taking place at Calton Hill on June 4, the rally will be addressed by a range of speakers including SNP MP Tommy Sheppard, who has previously said of the monarchy: “If we strive for an open and inclusive society where everyone is valued and respected, we need to leave this outdated and anachronistic institution behind.”

Tristan Gray, convener of the cross-party campaign Our Republic, told the National: “With support for the monarchy crumbling and succession to the throne looming on the horizon, it's important that we have that debate and that we decide what we actually want from a head of state, instead of simple acquiescence to the status quo of entitlement by birthright. We advocate for an elected head of state, because that accountability to the people is vital.”

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Gray emphasised that Our Republic do not intend to “interfere with people enjoying themselves” or “marking something they genuinely feel pride in.”

“What we do object to,” Gray added, “is public funds being spent on commemorating a family a majority in Scotland don't feel any loyalty to at a time where such funds are sparse and ordinary people are in need, and the outrage so many commentators and politicians have expressed at our councils not prioritising such events over doing their jobs to deliver vital services.”

Commenting on the rally’s organisation, Gray noted: “We were surprised in our outreach to Scottish representatives at the number of responses that could be summed up by ‘now is not the time’. If not now, when is?

“If people are asking us to wait until independence, then we face an independence where the monarchy's place is considered the natural status quo we have to fight against afresh, instead of setting the case that they must justify their right to being the head of state of an independent Scotland or be denied it.”

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Gray added that Our Republic hopes Scotland will follow in the footsteps of other Commonwealth countries such as Barbados, which removed the Queen as head of state in November last year, with several other nations indicating they intend to follow suit.

“We intend to make the case that our future lies with them, not with clinging to undemocratic institutions of our past.”

The rally takes place on Saturday from 3pm.