ONE of Scotland’s foremost social media stars has hailed a two-week tour of America as a major success.

Coinneach MacLeod, better known online as the Hebridean Baker, is just back from touring the US after signing a major deal to bring his top-selling debut cookbook to an American audience.

The star baker, who has won over millions on the video-sharing platform TikTok, went on a 12-city run, meetings hundreds of fans per night.

The Hebridean Baker: Recipes and Wee Stories from the Scottish Islands has found success in the UK but author MacLeod was chuffed when Sourcebooks took over its American distribution, giving his fans 4000 miles away a chance to cook their favourite Scottish recipes.

From ceilidhs in New York to the honky-tonks in Nashville, the Scot said it had been an “unbelievable adventure”.

He told The National: “Honestly, the amount of people who turned out was amazing, in some places 100-150 people came out to sign the book and it was just fantastic. I think the amazing thing was, because obviously my TikTok is really about my kind of life and adventures, fans really seem to know you very well.

The National: Rising baking star cooking up success across the pond

“They kept saying it was like meeting an old friend but for the first time and it was a real mix of people.”

The Hebridean said as well as those who came out after hearing his interviews across American radio and TV, there was a surprising number of Scottish-Americans who turned up to – and even one a bit further north.

He said: “There was an amazing amount of Scots, who live in America, who were just wanting to support or knew of my book and were excited to have something Scottish over in America.

“There were always lots of Scots, and lots people from the Hebridean Islands, and even more cousins and family I hadn’t seen for like 40 years.

“So it really was a wonderful mix of people who came out. Each event was very unique but all of them very special.”

With up to 25 million Americans having Scottish heritage, MacLeod said there was a “real affinity with Scotland”.

He said: “When we were in Boston, these two ladies had flown from Cape Breton in Canada to come to the event. And they were McLeods so when they arrived in full McLeod tartan outfits I was absolutely mind-blown that somebody would fly to a different country to meet me.

“I think having somebody there who is also very proud of Scotland and Scottish identity and giving maybe a unique look onto the country being from the Hebrides and speaking and Gaelic, I think they really all enjoy that. There were lots of hugs, lots of adventures, you know, it was just fantastic.”

Asked if the trip was a success he replied: “Oh my goodness, a massive success. It really, really was. And Sourcebooks have already booked me to come back again for another two weeks later in the year.”

MacLeod said he felt welcomed in America – and found a receptive audience too.

“It felt like we were at a ceilidh every night we were there,” he said. “Because after we did a Q&A we sang some Gaelic songs. It did really feel like a bit of a festival every night we were going around.

“The amazing thing was that they were buying multiples of the book. They were like ‘Well, this one’s for me, this one’s for my mother, this one’s from my auntie. This one’s for Scottish neighbour’.

“And in Boston, one lady stood up and said ‘You know, I hope you realise what an impact you’ve had on many people’s lives’.

“She said she found it really difficult through lockdown and said it was my content and videos and stories that gave her a little bit of light. And when you hear things like that, it’s just very humbling.”