The National:

DO you like to watch Boris Johnson talk from two angles at once? What about artfully lit profile views of Rishi Sunak listening?

Yes? Then boy, does Downing Street have something for you (unlike for people suffering through the cost-of-living crisis).

The Tory government, in an effort to be hip and relevant, has joined TikTok. The social media app has taken the world by storm, something the Conservatives touting a “Global Britain” could only dream of.

While the first offering on the No10 TikTok account was a dry video of Johnson monologuing about social media (“Instagram or Snapchat, or err Facebook, err, Twitter, err LinkedIn, and err all the others, all the other stuff”), the second has done away with the need to listen to him at all.

Set to what social media users have described as “girlboss music”, Sunak and Johnson are seen walking up some stairs, sitting in fancy chairs, and looking at iPads.

“BORIS AND RISHI LISTEN TO YOUR PRIORITIES FOR 2022”, the opening screen screams in rave lettering.


Your priorities are our priorities.

♬ AIN'T GONNA STOP - Carol Kay

The video just about sums up Sunak at least: all style and no substance.

But that style isn’t cutting through to the TikTok audience.

“My priorities are being able to afford to live mate,” one top commenter wrote.

“He should prioritise resigning,” another added.

“Why did I get a £200 fine for having fish and chips in a car and you and your party friends got £50 for your party,” a third asked.

So that foray into TikTok is going about as well for the Tories as you’d expect.