The boss behind the popular Channel 4 series Gogglebox has criticised the Government’s “destructive plan” to privatise the broadcaster during the BAFTA TV Awards.

The Media executive, Stephen Lambert, slammed the government's plans, while on stage at the TV Baftas on Sunday night.

The popular programme won the award for reality and constructed factual show for the second time during the event at the Royal Festival on London’s Southbank.

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With the cast of the show stood around him, Stephen Lambert, chief executive of Studio Lambert, took aim at the Government’s plans to privatise the broadcaster.

Lambert said: “Googlebox might have ended when it started nine years ago because it had modest ratings but a publicly owned risk-taking Channel 4 believed in it and they stuck with it.

“If the Government goes ahead with its destructive plan to end Channel 4, these kind of risks will not be taken and a big part will have ended for no good reason.”

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Googlebox star Lee took to the stage, accepting the prize for “past and present families who have been on Googlebox, it is an honour to get it for them,” he said.

Fans of the popular Channel 4 have shared their thoughts about the award and the speech on social media.


A second person commented: "Did the BBC just cut gogglebox’s speech short?"

Another user added:"Well that was an abrupt end to that speech wasn’t it?"