A SCOTTISH council has taken action after one of its polling stations was “festooned with Union flags”.

The decorations at the voting place in Gretna Green, near the English border, led to the council being sent a complaint by one resident.

In correspondence seen by The National, local voter Ian Richmond asked Dumfries and Galloway Council to address the flags being displayed at Stormont Hall.

He wrote: “I have just voted at Stormont Hall, Gretna Green, Polling Station AEE1. The interior is festooned with Union Flags.

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“Surely messaging such as this, albeit subliminal, should not be allowed inside polling stations.

“I would like to register a complaint.”

An official from the council responded to say that action had been taken and the flags on display covered.

They also denied any “suggestion of political bias” which may have been inferred from the Union flags.

They wrote: “Further to your email I have made contact with the Presiding Officer at the polling station and she has covered up the two flags which were on display in the hall.

“Whilst I was keen to address your concerns I would disagree with your suggestion of political bias on behalf of the council or the polling staff given the building concerned is not council-owned and is hired privately to facilitate ease of voter access locally.”

Richmond praised the presiding officer for “acting quickly” to cover up the flags, and said he had not meant to imply political bias on their part.

He added: “The real point is how widespread is this practice? Anyway, put them on their mettle for next year's referendum!”

Dumfries and Galloway Council is a key target for the Scottish Tories. The party was the largest group after the 2017 local elections, returning 16 candidates.

However, a coalition of the SNP and Labour (which each returned 11 councillors) has kept the Tories out of power.