JANEY Godley has led a backlash against a Tory MP who claimed he would “like” people to believe bruises to his face were the result of being attacked by “raging nationalists”.

The Scots comic accused Andrew Bowie, the representative for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine, of “fetishising tribal political violence”.

The Conservative had posted from the campaign trail – which has been heating up ahead of the council elections on Thursday.

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Sharing a picture of his bruised face, Bowie wrote: “Tell you what ... it's tough on this local election campaign trail!

“(As much as I'd like you all to believe I was set upon by raging nationalists on the mean streets of Sauchen ... the truth is rather less exciting. It involves a dog, a tight lead, a bird ... and a kerb)”

The tweet, on which Bowie had turned off replies for all but people he follows, led to a rapid backlash.

“‘Set upon by Raging nationalists?’", Godley wrote. “Tories fetishising tribal political violence and letting us know they are representative of every constituent in their area.”

The comedian added: “This is why Scottish Tories have never won a General election in Scotland in 60 years.”

The last time the Conservatives won a General Election in Scotland was 1955.

Others joined Godley in condemning the rhetoric of the Tory MP.

The SNP Peterhead branch wrote: “We're truly glad @AndrewBowie_MP didn't hurt himself too seriously.

“But remember this tweet the next time he says our wish to be independent is divisive.

“This is nasty, divisive, and not very timely considering recent events involving his own staff.”

The reference was to Robbie Withey, a Tory councillor in Aberdeenshire who had his employment as Bowie’s campaign manager suspended after a video emerged that allegedly showed him grabbing another man by the throat and threatening to put them “in the grave”.

Other Twitter users accused the Conservative MP of indulging in a “fantasy of animosity and violence from his political opponents” which was branded “absolutely disgusting”.

Scots singer Iona Fyfe wrote: "He’d like to be able to tell us that “raging nationalists” beat him up. After the murder of two MPs. Tone deaf."

While SNP MSP Gillian Martin added: "Said in jest. But perpetrates a false myth. Our movement is peaceful - and this debate has seen no-one physically attacked by either side. Something to be proud of, I think. And anything said indicating the contrary actually isn’t funny."

Tory colleagues including MSP Craig Hoy and Councillor Darren Watt responded to the tweet but only to show concern for Bowie’s injury.

Asked for a response to the backlash, Bowie said it "was obviously a joke".