BORIS Johnson has finally ended his five-year boycott of ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

The Prime Minister agreed to be interviewed by Susanna Reid on Tuesday morning, presumably in the hope of connecting with voters ahead of this week’s local elections.

The Tory leader proved his credentials as a man of the people by stumbling over questions on the cost of living crisis.

Proving he’s in touch with the rest of us, he even finished the interview by asking “who is Lorraine?” – ie Scottish broadcasting "legend" Lorraine Kelly.

Wrapping up the segment, Reid explained that it was time for GMB to hand over to Kelly as her show “Lorraine” began.

Reid told Johnson: “Lorraine is waiting to take up all the issues that you have brought up in this interview.”

“Who’s Lorraine?” a suddenly panicked PM asked, seemingly fearful that he was immediately facing a second grilling.

Reid replied: “Who’s Lorraine? Lorraine’s a legend.”

A sullen Johnson, who gave a nervous look to his team off camera, added: “Fantastic. I didn’t know I was talking to Lorraine.”

The last time the Tory leader appeared on GMB in 2019, he resorted to hiding in a fridge to avoid an interview.

Ahead of Tuesday’s interview, Kelly said: “I can’t believe we’ve coaxed him out of the fridge. About blinking time."

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Labour MP Chris Bryant tweeted: “Yep @BorisJohnson had nothing to say #gmb to those suffering the Tory cost of living crisis. So out of touch he even asked ‘who is Lorraine?’ Yes, he is toast.”

Mirror reporter Mikey Smith referenced the Thick of It as he summed up the reaction online.

Independent sketch writer Tom Peck added: "The 'Who’s Lorraine?' bit is Johnson revealing, yet again, exactly who he is. He won’t change because he thinks his schtick works for him. It has done so far. But it really does feel like the game’s up and everyone’s had enough of him."

Speaking as her show started, presenter Lorraine Kelly said: “Wow, thank you Susanna, a masterclass in a political interview, excellent stuff.”

Reid went on to tell Kelly it had been “fascinating” talking to the Prime Minister, saying: “I’m surprised I haven’t been thrown out, Lorraine. It was remarkable speaking to him.

“Look, it’s been almost five years since Boris Johnson has appeared on Good Morning Britain, and of course just over two of those years he’s been Prime Minister."

A spokesperson for Johnson later said: “I think as was clear, the PM was not fully across the ITV daytime line-up this morning."

Kelly is of course no stranger to identity issues. In 2019, she made headlines by winning a £1.2 million battle with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), with a judge saying the Scottish star “presents a persona of herself”. The court agreed she was not an ITV employee and instead was hired to perform “the role of a friendly, chatty and fun personality”.