INDEPENDENCE supporters are being urged to turn a coastal town into a sea of Saltires at a demonstration on Saturday.

They are invited to fly their flags alongside Yes2Indee which is organising the event in Kirkcaldy after a successful display last year.

As well as showing support for independence, the demonstration is also a protest against the cost of living crisis and demands for political organisations to pick up the costs of temporary traffic road orders for marches.

Gary Kelly of Yes2Indee said the event was a stand against councils, including Fife, who “place a financial barrier on the right to demonstrate”.

“In 2019 Aberdeen Council demanded £4,000 to close the roads as they treated the YES movement as a commercial entity,” he said. “Then in 2020 I attended a council meeting in Kirkcaldy, where Fife Council wanted the organisers to pick up the cost to close the roads.

“Yet since 2020 we’ve had anti-vaxxers marching with zero permission as well as football fans on a weekly basis, facilitated by Police Scotland in the interest of public safety. This is while we in the YES movement use the public processions notice of intentions process with a named organiser, a person who can be held responsible. This process itself was introduced in 1982, Margaret Thatcher’s era, to stop the unions rising against the government.”

Kelly added: “Public liability insurance is another thing councils are requesting, when that is only recommended. These councils seem to forget it’s a political demonstration and the local authorities’ job is to assist organisers, like Edinburgh and Glasgow who do not hinder the right to demonstrate.”

He said demonstrations should also be made against the cost of living crisis which is resulting in many people having to choose between heating or eating.

“Protesting needs to start regarding this, so what better way to begin than the static event planned for April 30,” said Kelly.

Yes Bikers are due to roar into town for the event and there will be speakers and representatives from the Soar Alba Pipes and Drums.

Kelly said he “couldn’t wait” for a “sea of Saltires proudly displayed” at Kirkcaldy promenade.

The event follows a successful march in Edinburgh last month which paraded past the UK Government offices, the first independence march to pass this location.

The event will run from 12-2pm.