NADINE Dorries has said her dyslexia affects her speech after confusing her department responsibilities in a widely mocked TikTok video.

The Culture Secretary released a video where she introduced herself and her department, saying her work includes ensuring the public can "downstream movies" and access "tennis pitches".

Hitting back at criticism, the Conservative MP posted a Twitter thread explaining that “dyslexia” affects the way “I often run my words together”.

The NHS lists “misspeaking, misusing, or mispronouncing” words under the official symptoms of dyslexia.

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Dorries said: “Dyslexia affects people differently. For me, it affects my speech more than my writing, which is why I find solace in writing.

“Sometimes it’s funny and I laugh it off - such as last night I said I wanted to ‘express upon ’someone, rather than ‘impress upon ’them. But mostly, it’s just difficult.”

Dorries took aim at “media outlets” and “commentators” for mocking her. She concluded: “For other dyslexia sufferers, we learn that it’s what you achieve in life that counts, not what those who mock you say.”

Dorries's explanation received mixed reactions online.

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Political reporter Noa Hoffman said: “I have dyslexia too and mine manifests in the exact same way”.

However, campaigner Marina Purkiss asked if the Culture Secretary lying “through her teeth” could also be blamed on dyslexia.

And Derry Girls actress Siobhán McSweeney tweeted in response: "It’s not the dyslexia we are laughing grimly at. It’s your lack of ability and basic knowledge of your responsibilities. It’s your open and shameless ignorance. It’s your dishonesty. It’s your slavish loyalty to that criminal. It’s your voting record. It’s you!"