The National:

NADINE Dorries is the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. She is almost certainly in that role due to her unwavering loyalty to Boris Johnson and not thanks to her impressive knowledge of those topics.

As if to put any doubts that this is the case to rest, Dorries took to TikTok.

Appearing on the account of fellow Tory MP Luke Evans, the Digital Secretary began by proving she doesn’t know anything about her brief.

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She said she was responsible for making sure we all have superfast broadband so we can “downstream” movies.

Dorries seems to have not quite grasped the concepts of downloading or of streaming there. Unphased, she went on.

The Sports Secretary told us she is responsible for making sure we have “tennis pitches” where we can "play and exercise your sports”.

God knows why they posted it on the internet, but they did.

The mockery came thick and fast, with former SNP MSP Gail Ross writing: “No idea what I'm doing this weekend but I might exercise my sport on a tennis pitch or downstream a movie or something.

“Have a good one!”

Scots comic Janey Godley, who became famed for her voiceovers of the First Minister’s Covid briefings during the early stages of the pandemic, couldn’t resist the opportunity.

“Nadine Dorries loves Culture”, Godley wrote, sharing her own take on what the top Tory had been trying to say: