BORIS Johnson has been urged to intervene in the case of a Scot jailed in India as the Prime Minister visits the country this week. 

Jagtar Singh Johal has been detained in India since November 2017 under the country’s anti-terrorism laws.

Johal, known to friends and family as Jaggi, is accused of helping fund a Sikh-on-Hindu assassination plot – which he strongly denies.

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His family have tirelessly campaigned for Johal to be released and returned to Scotland.

And now, with the Prime Minister heading to India - and skipping a crunch vote on whether or not he will be referred for a parliamentary investigation into whether or not he misled the House of Commons - an SNP MP has called on Johnson to use the trip to push for Johal’s release. 

Martin Docherty-Hughes, MP for West Dunbartonshire, has been leading a campaign for the release of his constituent.

He hopes Jagtar’s release will be the latest safe return to British shores following the release of British-Iranian nationals Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and Anoosheh Ashoori. 

In his letter, Docherty-Hughes noted that the PM will raise Johal’s case, as he did during trips to the country when he was foreign secretary.

The National: Martin Docherty-Hughes has written to the Prime Minister Martin Docherty-Hughes has written to the Prime Minister (Image: Newsquest)

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However, the MP wrote: “I beseech you then to take the next logical step, by demonstrating that the words you wrote in the foreword to last year’s Integrated Review had real meaning, and that the UK’s commitment to be ‘deeply engaged in the Indo-Pacific as the European partner with the broadest, most integrated presence in support of mutually-beneficial trade, shared security and values’ would ring true.

“These values could not be better exemplified than in ensuring that Jagtar Singh Johal’s detention is classed as an arbitrary one, and that your government would call for his immediate release — such a strong statement of shared values for the rule of law would surely serve as a strong introduction to talks regarding the economic and security discussions which I am sure will shape much of your trip.”

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Commenting, Docherty-Hughes said that Johal’s case is “callous and cruel”.

He added: “Mr Johal was incarcerated without trial and is believed to have been tortured whilst in India. This cannot continue. 

“That is why I am urging the Prime Minister to use his upcoming trip to India to highlight my constituent’s case with Prime Minister Narendra Modi so that a swift and proper conclusion can be reached. 

 “He must also ensure that Jagtar’s detention is classed as an arbitrary one, so that the UK government can call for his immediate release. A statement of shared values for the rule of law would serve as a strong introduction to talks which I’m sure will centre around security and the cost of living crisis.

 “We witnessed first-hand, through the case of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and Anoosheh Ashoori, that the UK government can bring their residents home. We must see a similar approach with Mr Johal. 

“He has suffered for too long – it is time to bring him home.”