THE Scottish Conservatives have been accused of being "ashamed" of Boris Johnson after a council candidate appeared to distance herself from the Prime Minster.

Dumfries and Galloway councillor Jackie McCamon wrote on her Facebook page that the PM was "unsurprisingly" a "hot topic" on the doorsteps. 

The Mid Galloway and Wigtown West representative pleaded with voters to focus on her as a local politician.

She said: "Hot topic on the doorstep with voters today is unsurprisingly, Boris Johnson.

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"And whilst I completely understand why, please remember I am a local politician, focusing on local issues.

"It is my name on the ballot paper, not Boris’.

"It is an SNP/Labour council that has squandered and lost millions of your money over the years, not a Conservative council. Something to bear in mind on 5th May!"

The candidate's comments were criticised by a local SNP branch.

SNP Peterhead tweeted: "Like rats deserting a sinking ship @ScotTories. Candidates are distancing themselves from @BorisJohnson.

"We can’t imagine any @theSNP Candidates doing the same with @NicolaSturgeon. The difference is clear, the Tories are ashamed of him."

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Boris Johnson and his Chancellor Rishi Sunak have seen heavy criticism after the Met fined them both for breaking the law.

Johnson and Sunak both broke their own Covid rules, along with 47 Whitehall staff. Despite calls, and Johnson is the first sitting Prime Minister to be sanctioned by police, they have refused to resign.

SNP Peterhead convener David Birkett told The National: "The post struck me with the contrast that the Tory candidates are out there ashamed of their leader and that's not something that we suffer from.

"They were forced into inviting him to the conference and Douglas Ross had his climb down. It's the strangest thing. Sometimes I think I am going to wake up and this won't be real.

"I understand it's a local election but at the same time if you're chapping at doors dissociating yourself from the leader of your party, it's not a good look."

The Scottish Tories have been contacted for comment.