IT’S the final day of operation for Cumbernauld’s HMRC office as it prepares to shut down for good – despite promises made by the Better Together campaign in 2014.

Back before the independence referendum, then Scottish Labour chief Jim Murphy and now leader Anas Sarwar were photographed outside the building promising voters that a No vote would protect those jobs.

But years on from those promises, the office – which hosted around 1300 workers – is shutting down with some staff taking voluntary redundancy, others relocating to Glasgow and dozens losing their jobs in a major blow to the town.

National reporter Xander Richards is writing a number of stories on the Better Together “betrayal” for Friday’s newspaper.

He also went live outside the building on Thursday as operations come to a close, exploring the consequences this move will have on those working for the HMRC and for Cumbernauld in general. You can watch the footage below.