A CONSERVATIVE council candidate’s suitability to stand has been questioned after tweets calling drug users “junkies” and women “sluts” have emerged.

Matt Ventisei also threatened to slap “b****” Katie Price, in posts uncovered by The Herald.

A number of the tweets were made when the prospective Tory councillor was a teenager, and he has now described them as “stupid”.

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The SNP have accused him of “sustained misogynistic and discriminatory attitudes”.

In 2015, Ventisei, who now works as a bar manager, wrote that his doctor’s surgery was “like a junkie mother’s den”.

He described Price as “one heck of a slut” in 2010, tweeting: “How annoying is that Katy Price am so angry if I saw the bitch I would slap her!”

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In 2014, on Hallowe’en, Ventisei wrote: “If you’re a slut normally, then why waste time and money dressing as one for halloween?”

An SNP spokesperson told The Herald: “Yet again serious and concerning issues are being raised about Tory candidates in Glasgow, a group whose one unifying characteristic is their opposition to every progressive and inclusive agenda Glaswegians hold dear.

“This latest example isn’t an isolated incident or late-night folly. It’s years of clear demonstrations of sustained misogynistic and discriminatory attitudes.

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“To think that someone who holds these views has aspirations to determine policies directed to those with addiction issues and their families or indeed to this city’s women should worry all decent citizens. They are not fit to represent the people of Glasgow.”

Ventisei said: “I am sorry for these stupid tweets from a number of years ago. I shouldn’t have said these things, I regret doing so and they will be deleted immediately.”

A Tory spokesman said: “These comments, while they are from a number of years ago and many were written when the candidate was a teenager, are totally unacceptable.

“We have made it very clear this language is wrong and won’t be tolerated. The candidate immediately apologised profusely for writing these and assured the party it won’t happen again. We have accepted that apology.”

Running for the Scottish Tories in the May 5 local elections, Ventisei, who used to be pro-independence, is now a Unionist.

He said: "I was once a pro-independence supporter several years ago but I now strongly believe that Scotland must remain in the United Kingdom. I would describe myself as a Unionist and a firm No voter today."