ENERGY firm E.ON has appeared to blame money saving expert Martin Lewis for its website crashing today, due to the unprecedented volume of people trying to submit their meter readings.

E.ON was one of a number of energy suppliers to have its website crash as people tried to get their readings in before the energy price cap rise.

Lewis had given this advice to people to submit a meter reading to help save money, as the energy used before April can be charged under the cheaper rate.

When replying to one customer, the E.ON Next account posted: “Unfortunately the website and phone lines of every supplier are being hammered today.

“Martin has once again created unprecedented demand bringing down Britain. If you respond to our private message providing the details requested then we can assist you.”

The National: The E.ON tweet about Martin Lewis The E.ON tweet about Martin Lewis

The tweet was later deleted.

Lewis has since shared a Twitter user’s reaction to the E.ON message, which said: "The cheek of them blaming it on you!"

This reaction was not received well, with Sam McFaul tweeting: "Pretty outrageous to see @eon_next casually blaming @MartinSLewis for 'bringing down Britain' when his tip to read your meter today (which has been picked up everywhere) is actually for the benefit of Britain's consumers (tweet has since been deleted ofc)."

E.ON did reply to McFaul's tweet, saying: "Hi Sam, looks like our sense of humour missed the mark", but that was later deleted as well.

McFaul responded to that development, tweeting: "Of course Eon's response to me blaming a sense of humour failure has been deleted too.

"Rising energy costs that will impoverish many more already struggling households are not something to joke about. It's a serious issue that needs urgent fixing."

An E.ON spokesperson said: “This was an ill-considered and off-the-cuff remark made by one of our energy specialists and in no way reflects our position.

"We have an excellent working relationship with Martin Lewis and his team, and we apologise for any offence caused. We ourselves have spent the past few weeks advising customers to submit accurate meter readings ahead of April 1.

“We are seeing unprecedented volumes of customer traffic to our website and app. While we work to resolve this, we can confirm to our customers that any meter readings they take today can be updated to their account online in the coming days."