A WELSH Tory has become the first ever MP to announce they are trans.

In a highly personal statement, Conservative MP Jamie Wallis revealed they have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria, were raped by a man in September last year and are “not OK”.

They won praise from across the political spectrum for their bravery.

The message was posted online shortly before 3am, following a gathering for Tory MPs at which Boris Johnson reportedly made a joke about trans issues. The Prime Minister later hailed the MP's courage. 

Wallis wrote: “I’m trans. Or to be more accurate, I want to be.

“I’ve been diagnosed with gender dysphoria and I’ve felt this way since I was a very young child. I had no intention of ever sharing this with you. I always imagined I would leave politics well before I ever said this out loud.

“There was a close call in April 2020 when someone blackmailed me, outed me to my father and sent photographs to other family members.

“He wanted £50,000 to keep quiet. The police were so supportive, so understanding and on this occasion the system worked.”

The MP said the offender was sentenced to two years and nine months in prison after admitting his guilt.

“For a while it seemed as though I would be able to get on with things and move on,” Wallis wrote.

“Being an MP and hiding something like this was always going to be tough, but I arrogantly assumed I was up for it.

“Well, I’m not.”

Reflecting on being raped, they continued: “I have not been myself since this incident and I don’t think I will ever recover. It is not something you ever forget, and it is not something you ever move on from.

“Since then things have really taken a tumble. I am not ok.”

The MP was arrested and subsequently fined over a car crash last year.

Wallis said they fled the scene following the crash in November “because I was terrified”.

“I have PTSD [post-traumatic stress disorder] and I honestly have no idea what I was doing except I was overcome by an overwhelming sense of fear.”

The personal statement came following the night out for Tory MPs, at which “I was reminded of the incredible support those you work with can provide”.

“I’ve had a lot of support from the Whips since I was elected,” the MP said.

“Not for the reasons you might think, but there’s a lot that goes on in MPs’ lives and the Whips play an important wellbeing role – as far as I’ve seen they try their best to support and help MPs who are having a tough time. Well they’ve certainly earned their keep with me.”

Conservative MPs had gathered at the Park Plaza hotel in London, just across Westminster Bridge from the House of Commons.

At the dinner, the Prime Minister reportedly said: “Good evening ladies and gentleman, or as Keir Starmer would put it, people who are assigned female or male at birth.”

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister praised Wallis for his bravery in coming out as trans and sharing his “very intimate” story “which will undoubtedly support others”.

Tory party chairman Oliver Dowden said: “Proud of my colleague Jamie Wallis.

“As a Conservative family we stand together, and we will support you.

“I hope that your brave statement will help others.”

Other MPs expressed their support for the Conservative politician.

Welsh Labour MP Chris Bryant commented: “Dear Jamie I wish you all the very best. Colleagues across the House will respect your openness honesty and the journey you are on. Cwtch.”

Scottish Tory Andrew Bowie replied: “Incredibly brave of you to post this mate. Proud of you. All power to you.”

His Colleague David Mundell wrote: "It's an incredibly brave thing that Jamie has done, opening up not just to family, friends and colleagues but the world in such a candid way. The spotlight is never easy so all strength, love and solidarity to him in the coming days and may he be a beacon for others."