THE Tories have been challenged to justify standing a former Ukip candidate with an interest in far-right commentators – including the former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

Jamie Robertson stood for the Eurosceptic party, formerly headed by Nigel Farage, at local elections in Scotland.

The National can reveal he follows far-right channels on YouTube, has called for a ban on Islamic slaughter methods and once approvingly shared a video featuring a Brexit campaigner who was filmed in 2019 calling a Remainer a “f****** traitor” at a rally.

He will stand for election in the Dennistoun ward of Glasgow City Council in May for the Scottish Tories.

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Robertson’s Facebook shows he shared a petition calling for a ban on halal butchery in 2016. He wrote: “This goes against our traditions. At least the animals should be stunned.”

Roberston – who received just 105 votes when he last stood to be a councillor in Shettleston, Glasgow – also follows the far-right vlogger Carl Benjamin – also known as Sargon of Akkad.

Benjamin – who posts YouTube videos railing against “political correctness” and feminism – lost the ability to make money from his videos after he made repeated jokes about raping Labour MP Jess Phillips.

In response to Phillips tweeting about violence against women, Benjamin told the MP he “wouldn’t even rape” her.

He also follows an account called DavidDukeRadioClips, which exclusively posts videos of the former KKK chief speaking in interviews about topics such as race, Zionism and the popularity of former US president Barack Obama.

Duke ran the race-hate group between 1974 and 1980 and was described by the Anti-Defamation League as “perhaps America’s most well-known racist and anti-Semite”.

Of the seven videos posted by the account, only two have not had warnings placed on them for “inappropriate or offensive” content.

He called a video on a panel discussion on “wokeness” featuring Dr Niall McCrae an “informed talk”.

McCrae is a senior mental health expert formerly of Kings College London who was subjected to an internal probe in 2019 after being filmed calling a pro-EU protester at a Brexit Party rally a “f****** traitor” and brandishing a Union flag in his face.

He no longer works at the university. 

Kim Long, a Greens representative for Dennistoun, told The National councillors have a “duty to stand up for the human rights and equality of all Glasgow residents”.

She added: “That means we have to work hard to tackle racism, xenophobia, misogyny and other forms of bigotry.

“It would be very concerning if a candidate held views that put them at odds with work towards a fairer Glasgow – the Conservative Party should clarify Mr Robertson’s views before Dennistoun goes to vote.”

Anne McLaughlin, the SNP MP for Glasgow North East – which covers Dennistoun – said no Tory candidate “would be appropriate to represent” the area.

She added: “Someone who openly follows a vlogger who thinks it’s acceptable to tell a woman that – effectively – she is not attractive enough for him to rape her, is far from appropriate. It’s simple to unfollow someone, you click a button, it takes one second. The fact that he hasn’t done that speaks volumes.

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“I don’t want him as one of my councillors and I don’t think I’ll be alone amongst voters in Dennistoun ward.”

The Tories insist Robertson had subscribed to the accounts by mistake.

He unfollowed them yesterday after the party was approached by The National.

A party spokesman said: “All candidates personal views are their own. Jamie didn’t realise he had subscribed to these channels and has now rectified that mistake.”