IT’S time to show Scotland is ready to seize independence, according to the organisers of Saturday’s march in the capital.

Yes2indee is beginning its 2022 campaign in Edinburgh, gathering at 12.30pm on Castle Terrace.

The route passes the UK Government offices and will be the first independence march to pass this location and marchers will easily be seen from Princes Street.

The date is also a significant one in Scottish history as on March 19 1286 King Alexander III fell from his horse in Kinghorn and died, after travelling to Fife from Edinburgh Castle the previous night.

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This Saturday, Yes2indee will be paying homage to The Killie Piper, Warren Graham.

“As we say a final farewell to this incredible young lad, a family member will be flag bearer on the day,” said Gary Kelly of Yes2indee. “A Saor Alba piper will also play in his memory just after the march.”

Along with the Saor Alba pipes and drums, Yes Bikers for Independence will be roaring into the capital for the first time in 2022.

Yes2indee also has a first aid team of volunteers to help keep the Yes movement and marchers safe but is appealing for people to volunteer as stewards for the march.

“If you can help with this and have a high vis vest then please attend for a steward briefing at 12:30pm,” said Kelly.

“Help the team safely marshal this event through Edinburgh – we also have spare vests if needed.”

He added Yes2indee remained committed to marching for Scotland until independence is gained.

“These marches might not change the minds of the undecided but the marches raise questions that are then skilfully addressed by other elements of the Yes movement,” he said.

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“These questions are only raised when marches achieve larger numbers, each strand of the movement has its own purpose and since marches have been restricted and cancelled due to Covid the Yes movement has been in a depression and internal battle.

“Now that Covid is receding we feel it’s time to get back out there in our thousands and recapture that feeling, that feeling that Scotland is awake and not asleep as some suggest.

“It’s time to bring the feelgood factor to the campaign, time to show that Scotland is ready for the Indyref2 campaign and is ready to seize independence.”

The route agreed for the day starts at Castle Terrace, then moves on to Johnston Terrace, the Lawnmarket, High Street, Cockburn Street, Market Street, East Market Street, New Street, Canongate, Horse Wynd and Queens Drive.