SKY Sports News has been forced to apologise after accidentally branding rapist footballer David Goodwillie racist.

The broadcaster made an on-air statement on Wednesday night after making an error earlier that day.

Goodwillie, who has again sparked controversy after returning to Clyde on loan from Raith Rovers, was found by a judge in a civil case in 2017 to have raped a woman.

Addressing an earlier error, a Sky Sports presenter said: “We would like to issue an apology to Mr Goodwillie.

“A little earlier this evening, in error, we reported that he had been ruled to be a racist in a civil case in 2017.

“The ruling in question was actually that Goodwillie was ruled to be a rapist in that case.

“We apologise for the error in reporting.”

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Cinch Scottish League One side Clyde confirmed the loan signing of Goodwillie on Tuesday.

The 32-year-old had joined Raith from The Bully Wee at the end of the January transfer window.

As a result of the move, several prominent supporters, directors and sponsors, including high-profile author Val McDermid, withdrew their backing of Raith while two of the six club directors quit.

Raith subsequently apologised, confirming Goodwillie would not be playing for them and they reviewed the forward’s contractual position, having signed a two-and-a-half year deal, as well the composition of their board.

On Tuesday, Clyde announced Goodwillie would now be spending the rest of the campaign back at Broadwood.

McDermid quickly responded to the loan move, tweeting: “Disgusted doesn’t even begin to touch it. All that mealy-mouthed stuff from the board about contract-ending negotiations? Do @RaithRovers think we’ll all have forgotten about this by the end of the season?”

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon labelled the return move “as wrong as the signing by Raith Rovers” and added: “I strongly support rehabilitation but it must start with remorse. Someone who has shown none for the trauma he caused cannot be a sporting role model.”

The SNP leader also shared a post from Rape Crisis Scotland describing the transfer as “a shameful decision that sends yet another clear message of disregard to survivors of rape and sexual violence”.