THE UK Labour party has silenced its youth wing apparently after it spoke out on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Labour Youth’s Twitter account was “restricted” after a string of posts which both condemned Vladimir Putin’s “use of force” and Boris Johnson continuing “on a path of warmongering and bellicosity”.

In the thread posted on Thursday, Young Labour said the Prime Minister had “done nothing to end this crisis in a peaceful way”.

It also called for “every possible avenue must be exhausted to resolve this [crisis] through diplomacy and restore peace”.

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Conflict involving nuclear powers had “the potential to cause catastrophic destruction” it added, while demanding Labour backed calls for refugees fleeing the war “wholeheartedly”.  

But the account’s calls for peace appear to have upset Labour chiefs with the account announcing on Friday that with “regret” it had been “restricted until further notice”.

The post read: “As an official channel for the Youth Wing of the Labour Party, we expect certain standards of behaviour from those with responsibility for this page’s output.

“In particular, it has become apparent that the account has recently become actively detrimental to the Party’s core objectives: to promote Labour candidates and policies, and to win elections.

“We will be liaising with the Young Labour committee and representatives to ensure there is transparency and accountability for future posts from this account.”

The National:

A Labour spokesman told The National the party would make no further comment on the restriction and would not confirm whether this was linked to the thread about Ukraine.

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But gagging the account has triggered concern – with suggestions Labour was “at odds” with free speech over the move.

Leftist journalist Paul Mason said: “This is daft because YL clearly condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine and called for solidarity with its people.

“They have a different critique of Johnson than Labour, and illusions in a ceasefire. but presumably their democratically elected leadership decided that?”

Novara Media founder Aaron Bastani said: “Pretty concerning to see and entirely at odds with the best British traditions of free speech and embracing a diversity of views.

“Its hard to see how a party bureaucracy which behaves in such a way will ever embrace electoral reform or the democratic overhaul this country needs.”

Momentum, a left-wing Labour pressure group, slammed the “anti-democratic attack”.

It comes after Johnson announced new sanctions against Putin on Thursday, including excluding all major Russian banks from the UK financial system and freezing their assets and those of 100 people and businesses.

He told the Commons “nothing was off the table” in terms of future sanctions.

More weapons and other aid packages have been sent to Ukraine this week.

Labour Youth is a group representing all party members between the ages of 14 and 26.