AN MSP will lead a debate in the Scottish Parliament to celebrate LGBT History Month and highlight how Scotland sets an example for other countries.

The debate will highlight this year’s theme, “Blurring Borders: A World in Motion”, which invites people to think beyond borders and to ask each other what Scotland’s place is within the global movement towards equality.

Karen Adam, who represents Banffshire and Buchan Coast, will take the opportunity to hail the progress that Scotland has made on LGBT issues.

She said: “We should be proud of all that Scotland has done to help lead the way in the fight for LGBTI equality. We should never underestimate the power our actions here can have on the rest of the world.

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“The SNP’s record of advancing and championing LGBTI rights while in government is something I am very proud of – we’ve delivered the most progressive and extensive equal marriage legislation, a pardon for historical ‘homosexual offences’, opened up adoption and IVF for same-sex couples, reformed blood donation rules,and made Scotland the first country in the world to embed LGBT+ inclusive education in our schools.

“We undoubtedly have further to go but the will is there, cross party, for us to get there and I look forward to playing my part in making Scotland a fairer, just and more equal society for all who live here.”