The National:

IF you are going to run a channel called "GB News" you might want to know something about the GB bit.

Standing for Great Britain, it refers to the island shared by the nations of Wales, England, and Scotland.

That might seem elementary, but it’s a lesson those over at GB News have failed to grasp.

The latest blunder came after an interview with the men’s curling team, who claimed silver at the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

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After featuring the team on its live broadcast, GB News tweeted: “‘We’ll definitely go back and try and win that gold’

“The English men's curling team who won silver at Beijing Winter Olympics speak to Isabel and Stephen exclusively on GB News.”

The massive blunder didn’t go unnoticed, not least because the team is led by a Scot, Bruce Mouat.

Of the other four members of the silver medal-winning group, three of them (Grant Hardie, Bobby Lammie, and Hammy McMillan) were born in Scotland, while the final one (alternate Ross Whyte) lives here.

Hardly the “English men’s team”.

The glaring error was first spotted by Twitter user @fatweegee. "The what men's curling team?" they wrote on the now-deleted post.

National columnist Gerry Hassan added: “Maybe GB News could go on a crash course of what GB and the UK are. And that they are not the same as England.”

The mistake was quickly spotted by the GB News social media team, who swiftly replaced it with another congratulating the “GB men's curling team”.

But Twitter never forgets.

“When you wish Twitter had an edit function,” one user wrote, sharing an image of the now-deleted English blunder.

“Did this tweet change?” another asked.

“Hey wait a minute.

“They were the English team earlier,” a third joked.