THE Queen “deserves a fantastic celebration” in her Platinum Jubilee year and does not need to be “upset” by the Duke of York’s legal worries, a Conservative MP has said.

Andrew Rosindell said the legal battle between the duke and Virginia Giuffre was a “private matter” for the royal. Rosindell’s remarks, in a pre-recorded interview with GB News to be broadcast today, came after it was reported that the Queen would help to pay the £12 million out-of-court settlement Andrew has agreed with Giuffre.

Speaking to presenter Gloria De Piero, Rosindell said: “I don’t know what’s going on there and clearly it’s very difficult and it’s very upsetting for the Queen, especially in this year of the Queen’s Jubilee.

“I want this year to be a wonderful year for the Queen, she deserves a fantastic celebration, and this is a distraction which the Queen didn’t need, the country doesn’t need it.

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“So, it is a private matter really for Prince Andrew to resolve and I really hope it can be resolved very quickly because I want to celebrate a wonderful year for the Queen as she reaches 70 years on the throne and I think that’s something we should be ­focusing on rather than issues such as the problems that Prince Andrew is facing.”

The Tory MP said he believed the Queen was “above politics” and that “love of country” and the monarch should “never divide us”.

Rosindell also suggested that the Duke of Sussex had been “taken away from the royal family”, and ­added that he was disappointed in Harry and his wife Meghan Markle’s decision to step away from royal ­duties and live as private citizens.

Elsewhere in the interview, the Romford MP shared that Boris Johnson was his favourite Conservative prime minister “since Margaret Thatcher” and bemoaned the pro-EU stance of John Major and David Cameron during their premierships. Asked if he had ever questioned his place in the Conservative Party, which he joined aged 14, Rosindell said he never had.

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He added: “There are times the ­Conservative Party – like a lot of political parties but particularly my party – seems to change, it evolves, it doesn’t stick to one particular philosophy.

“It’s a good thing to be pragmatic but there are times when I ­wonder to myself are we actually really ­Conservative? Are we doing the things that I truly believe in?

“But I’ve never questioned my membership of the Conservative Party, even during the period when the Conservative Party were doing things that I really didn’t like particularly in ­being very pro the European Union.”