SCOTLAND is host to one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world, and its beaches are no exception.

From the hidden gems of the Hebrides to the heavyweights of highland tourism, these are Scotland’s greatest beaches.

Luskentyre Beach

The National: The beautiful Luskentyre Beach, one of many gorgeous stretches of sand on the Scottish coast

This beach found on the Isle of Harris looks like it’s been taken straight out the Caribbean. The magnificent magnitude of the coastal view reduces tourists into a state of sheer euphoria.

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From certain angles, visitors can be completely removed from the stresses of the modern world, sometimes forgetting it exists altogether.

If you wish to be transported to a simpler time, and be alone with nature, this is the beach for you.

Loch Morlich Beach

The stunning views from Loch Morlich and the family-friendly atmosphere that comes with it has garnered more Instagram features than any other in Scotland.

A fun day out for the kids, the busy beach provides all the essentials including a reasonably priced on-site cafe.

Sitting in the Cairngorms, there is plenty to explore in the picturesque surrounding area and is a must for tourists visiting the Scottish Highlands.

Silver Sands of Morar

The National: The silver sands of Morar will not remain so if people use the beach instead of the nearby public loos

Tucked away behind dense woodland, travellers could be forgiven for travelling past the silver sands without a second thought.

If you make it around the trees however, you will experience one of Scotland’s finest beaches.

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With an old school railway bridge to an abandoned boat, not to mention the stunning landscape, the silver sands beach is a must see for those in the area.

St Andrews Castle Sands Beach

For those who do not wish to delve too deeply into the north of Scotland, St Andrews may be the destination best on offer.

A beach steeped in history, what castle sands lacks in size, it makes up for in character.

Complete with an old tidal pool as well as being centrally located in the busy city of St Andrews, this beach is one of the most desirable in the country.