THE SNP has called on a Tory MSP to apologise for her “disgraceful” remarks about families in Scotland who use food banks.

Tory MSP Rachael Hamilton suggested that families who are forced to turn to food banks are “less well-educated” when it comes to cooking and preparing meals.

The Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire MSP made the remarks during a session of the Rural Affairs, Islands and Natural Environment Committee.

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She was asked to clarify what she said by SNP committee member Alasdair Allan – but chose to double down on her comments, which were labelled “completely out of touch”.

Allan called on the MSP to apologise for her remarks.

He said: “Rachael Hamilton’s comments were utterly disgraceful and an insult to thousands of families across Scotland who do everything they can to put food on to the table every day.

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“People relying on foodbanks often find innovative ways to make meals go further and it is completely inappropriate for a Tory MSP to suggest that families in poverty are ‘less well-educated’ in how to cook and prepare food.

“Once again, the Tory mask has slipped, and they have shown themselves to be completely out of touch, and frankly indifferent to the very real suffering caused by Tory cuts like the £20 Universal Credit uplift and the Benefit Cap.

“Hamilton must apologise for her appallingly insulting remarks.”