THE birthday party thrown for the Prime Minister while the rest of the UK sat in lockdown was complete with a Union flag cake, according to reports.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak was also reportedly among the attendees who were offered “M&S party food” at the bash organised by Carrie Johnson.

A No 10 spokesperson conceded that the event happened, but said that Johnson had been “there for less than 10 minutes”.

The Prime Minister told MPs it is “right” for Scotland Yard to investigate such parties at Downing Street, and that he believes it will “help to draw a line under matters”.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesperson told reporters that “everyone required will fully co-operate in any way they are asked” with the police probes.

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They added that Johnson does not believe that he broke the law attending the events during lockdown.

Meanwhile, people who share a birthday with Johnson have said they are “disgusted” at news of his party.

No 10 conceded staff “gathered briefly” in the Cabinet Room on the afternoon of June 19, 2020 after it was alleged 30 people attended, shared cake, and sang “happy birthday” despite social mixing indoors being banned.

The National: Boris Johnson

A single mother born exactly a year before Johnson spent her 2020 birthday at home with her 25-year-old daughter Kirsten, who was recovering from a thyroid cancer operation.

“It was terrible, absolutely awful … we’re sitting there holding each other – but hardly holding each other because she was so sore with her stitches … we pulled ourselves through it completely alone,” Donna Levermore, 58, told the PA news agency.

“[Johnson] has infiltrated and spoiled everything – literally stomped all over it … I’m disgusted. He’s tarnished my bloody birthday.

“My daughter lost her neck … and this bastard is dancing the fandango.”

Kirsten was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in December 2019.

Her operation to remove the cancer was rescheduled six times before she finally underwent surgery on June 9, 2020.

While Kirsten has made a full recovery, Levermore said the news of a gathering at No 10 on the same day is “cruel”.

“He is not fit to govern,” she said.

“He has absolutely crushed the spirit of people – how are you supposed to believe in anything when this has happened?

“He will be remembered in history with the worst of the worst for what he’s done… it’s like dancing on someone’s grave.”

Angus Proud, from Barrowford in Lancashire, also shares a birthday with the Prime Minister and said it was “galling” to hear the allegations that he had celebrated while others were following restrictions.

Proud tweeted a picture on Monday of himself enjoying a quiet birthday drink on June 19, 2020, which he spent with his partner.

“On June 19 2020, I had a night out(doors) for my birthday. Just the 2 of us,” he tweeted.