ORGANISERS of today’s All Under One Banner (AUOB) emergency demonstration in Glasgow are making a final push for supporters to take part.

The group organised the event to call for the resignation of Boris Johnson, an end to Tory rule and to push for “independence now”.

Glasgow City Council only approved the hastily-arranged demonstration on Wednesday, and Neil Mackay, from AUOB, said it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for the Yes movement to take to the street, with “Westminster in turmoil and the British state in crisis”. He said now was the time for the movement to go on the offensive: “Yes we want rid of Johnson, but beyond this we must move the fight for independence to the top of the agenda. Now is the time to escalate the struggle to defeat the entire Westminster system and bring the end to Tory rule in Scotland once and for all.

“We want rid of Johnson and the Tories – not just because they stand against our independence, but because it is the right thing to do.

“As such, this demonstration is as much about the kind of country we want Scotland to become once independent as it is about intensifying the fight for independence now.”

The demonstration comes amid increasing public anger over Johnson and the Downing Street partygate affairs and as Mackay said the impact of Tory misrule was causing serious harm and suffering to tens of millions of people.

“The poorest and the most vulnerable are being hit hardest whilst billions of public funds are wasted,” he said.

“Heartless attacks on immigrants and refugees are increasing, and the crisis in the NHS is worsening as Tory bandits seek to privatise it and sell it off to their criminal chums. So today’s demonstration is the opportunity for the whole Indy movement to unite around opposition to Tory/Westminster rule and the rotten, toxic Union.

“Together let’s step up the fight now. Today make your way to Glasgow’s George Square for the 11.15am sharp start time.”

He added: “All Under One Banner have a full programme of demonstrations taking place this year and will be announcing other actions over the coming months. We call for the Scottish Government to urgently take the necessary Parliamentary action to assert our legal right to self-determination. Scotland can’t wait – set the date.”