MSPs are being urged to support a call for Boris Johnson to resign over Downing Street parties during lockdown.

The Scottish Liberal Democrats - who have just four MSPs in Holyrood - have filed a motion calling for the PM to step down. 

The motion relates to the allegations the Government repeatedly broke its own Covid rules while the country faced widespread restrictions.

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The parliamentary motion would have no legal or constitutional effect on the Prime Minister’s position but states: “Repeated breaches will erode both trust in Government and adherence to public health measures and as such calls on Boris Johnson to resign the office of Prime Minister.”

A majority of MSPs, including many Scottish Tories, have publicly called for Mr Johnson to stand down after he admitted attending a gathering where Number 10 staff were invited to bring their own booze.

The UK Government is reportedly facing 17 separate allegations about parties and other incidents of breaking coronavirus rules, with an internal investigation currently underway by senior civil servant Sue Gray.

Scottish LibDem leader Alex Cole-Hamilton described excuses by Johnson about the allegations as “absolutely farcical” as he urged MSPs to support the motion.

He said: “While new mothers gave birth alone and families said goodbye to their loved ones on Zoom, the Prime Minister and his staff were living it up.

“Boris Johnson isn’t sorry that he and his staff repeatedly broke the rules. He is just sad that he got caught.

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“The idea that these parties were going on under the noses of Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak and they weren’t aware of it is absolutely farcical. I’m insulted that he thinks the public are so stupid.

“It’s time for him to resign as Prime Minister and minister for the Union and allow someone else to take over.

“I hope that the Scottish Parliament can speak in one voice in calling for the Prime Minister to go.”