RUTH Davidson has been named as a new regular presenter for Times Radio.

The baroness will take up the role in addition to her duties in the House of Lords.

The former Scottish Tory leader, whose first show will be broadcast on February 18, is expected to cover politics and on-the-day news in the slot previously filed by Giles Coren.

Announcing the appointment, Times Radio hailed her as one of the “most liked and respected politicians of her generation”.

Davidson said: “Times Radio is only 18 months old but has already established itself as a must-listen destination for politicians and voters of every hue. Its mantra of conversation not confrontation is an incredibly important one in our polarised times.

“I’m very excited about combining my two great loves, politics and live broadcasting, for a new show which will take a deep look at the big political issues of the week, as well as anticipating what the weekend has in store.”

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Times Radio programme director, Tim Levell, added: “Ruth is well-known as one of the most liked and respected politicians of her generation.

“Now Times Radio listeners have a chance to hear what a great live radio broadcaster she is. Ruth will dive into politics, as they’d expect, but also culture, entertainment and sport – plus all the breaking news of the day. Ruth’s take on the world is a perfect fit for Times Radio.”

The former MSP spoke out last week over Boris Johnson’s role in the partygate scandal.

She condemned the Prime Minister over a drinks party in May 2020, tweeting: “People are (rightly) furious.”

The Tory peer added: “They sacrificed so much – visiting sick or grieving relatives, funerals. What tf were any of these people thinking?”

Davidson has previously presented radio shows for LBC.

In 2019, she sparked controversy after accepting a £50k job with a PR firm which required just 24 days of work a year. She planned to do this role while also serving as an MSP, but later decided not to proceed with the job following fierce criticism.