ALL Under One Banner (AUOB) have confirmed two MPs as major speakers at Saturday’s emergency march for independence in Glasgow.

Stephen Flynn, the SNP member for Aberdeen South will take part along with Neale Hanvey, the Alba MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath.

They are the first of six anticipated speakers at the event, which is being held in response to the current crisis under three slogans “Sack Boris Johnson, End Tory rule, Independence now”.

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Flynn told The National: “A new year can sometimes herald a new start but for Westminster it’s been the same old story – lies, sleaze and corruption.

“As a movement we must harness the opportunity caused by their self-inflicted chaos and show the public that we are united in our determination build a better, fairer Scotland.

“Our referendum is coming – let’s make sure we win it.”

The National: SNP MP Stephen FlynnSNP MP Stephen Flynn

Hanvey added: “Johnson should obviously go, but getting rid of him solves nothing for Scotland.

“Only independence can prevent Tory PMs and governments Scotland doesn’t vote for from dragging us through the mire.”

The National: Alba MP Neale HanveyAlba MP Neale Hanvey

However, AUOB’s decision to call the protest has been criticised by some indy supporters, some of whom have said if Johnson is sacked he will simply be replaced by another “horrible” Tory.

Others have said Johnson is actually an asset for the movement and “’that while he is leading the Government this is only boosting support for independence”.

However, AUOB has defended the decision, “citing widespread fury” at the behaviour of Johnson and his staff partying in Downing Street while the rest of us obeyed the rules.

“The indy movement needs to reflect this anger, otherwise we can rightly be accused of wanting to keep Johnson in power, with all the subsequent dangers this involves, simply because it benefits us politically. People will see this for what it is- narrow self-interest,” said the group in a statement.

“This emergency march for independence has the slogans 'Sack Johnson, End Tory Rule, Independence Now', because we have a corrupt individual, a corrupt Westminster system and the solution of independence available to us as soon as we exercise the right to self-determination.

“It is essential that the independence movement is part of the active opposition to the Tories. It is largely because historically we have been, that backing for independence has grown.”

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AUOB said we should remember that Labour was once the dominant political force in Scotland, but their failure to fight effectively for the communities they purported to represent – including siding with the Tories in 2014 – had cost them that support.

“There is also the energy crisis and their failure to seriously tackle global warming, benefit cuts, racist attacks on immigrants and refugees, tax hikes for the poorest, the underfunding of the NHS and the derisory pay rises for workers, as well as the huge increase in the cost of living. This list is far from exhaustive,” said AUOB.

“The anger developing is not just directed at Johnson but also at the Tory Party itself and the whole British establishment, and this is why we have called this emergency march for independence.”

They said a strong lead for Yes in the polls did not signal an automatic break from the British state, or even that we would have indyref2, which needed “strong, effective unrelenting action by the movement on the streets and in communities across Scotland”.

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AUOB added: “We appreciate that some people are worried about us holding a mass gathering while there is the continuing risk of contracting covid. As such if anyone feels unsafe about attending this emergency demonstration then they should of course stay away.

“The Scottish Government has now lifted the ban on mass gatherings as of this Monday. AUOB has held a series of socially distanced outdoor rallies throughout the pandemic.

“These have been successful with little or no evidence that they have caused increased infection.”