The National:

WE'LL put it simply: Scottish Tory MP Andrew Bowie has been busy making a fool of himself (with a cameo by Alex Cole-Hamilton doing the same).

The past week has seen daily revelations of Covid parties held at Downing Street, highlighting the hypocrisy and contempt for the public at the heart of the UK Government.

Bowie has just about stopped short of saying this makes the case for the Union by proving that the Tories CAN hold a piss-up in a brewery … but not much more than that.

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After a disastrous week, the MP tweeted: “The idea that somehow the case for ripping apart our 300 year old Union is stronger today than it was at the start of the week is utter rubbish. The case for separation is as weak as ever and @Conservatives @ScotTories will always oppose it.”

The fact he tagged both the Scottish and UK Tory accounts separately was quite apt – as not even their union is stronger today than at the start of the week.

The likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg have made clear exactly how much of a minnow they see Douglas Ross as.

Meanwhile, and with the Tories languishing in Westminster polls behind Labour, social media users roundly mocked Bowie for his remark.

Bonus points for denial go to Scottish LibDem leader Alex Cole-Hamilton.

Responding to Bowie, he wrote: “While the case for independence is no stronger today than it ever was, your boss is driving people into the arms of the SNP. Get your letter in. #1922Committee #BorisJohnsonResign”

The case for independence is no stronger, he assures us, while saying people are flocking to the SNP – a pro-independence party – because of Boris Johnson...

Cole-Hamilton and Bowie are about as convincing as Johnson claiming he had no idea he was attending a party.