The Northern Lights could be visible in Scotland's skies this weekend as a minor geomagnetic storm is predicted.

It is forecast by the Met Office Space Weather group that the celestial display might be visible as far south as the north of England.

This will occur on Saturday, January 15, with there being a very slight chance it will extend through to Sunday as well.

Also known as the aurora borealis, the Northern Lights are caused by a process of solar wind reaching Earth's magnetic field.

This can cause magnetic reconnection, which allows charged particles from space to accelerate into the atmosphere.

The National: The Northern Lights may appear on Saturday (PA)The Northern Lights may appear on Saturday (PA)

Here's when you may be able to see the Northern Lights in Scotland.

When will you be able to see the Northern Lights in Scotland?

According to AuroraWatch UK from Lancaster University, the best chance to see the Northern Lights in Scotland will be between 10pm and midnight on Saturday, January 15.

Solar activity is expected to pick up Saturday at 9pm that leads to the display slightly later on.

The official Met Office forecast says: "Solar winds are expected to remain Low until the arrival of the fast winds from a coronal hole. This is most likely to occur on day 3 (15th).

"Quiet geomagnetic activity expected until this arrival, becoming Active to Minor Storm as it occurs, with a slight chance of Moderate Storms.

"Activity then becoming Quiet to Unsettled, with Active intervals and slight chance of Minor Storms during day 4 (16th)."