A FUNDRAISER has been set up to help a Cuban mother be reunited with her children after being diagnosed with cancer.

Felix Flores Varona and Heidy Solano, who live in Falkirk, are nearing their £10,000 target which will be used to help their two children, Glenda, 21, and Feltio, 18, visit their parents in Scotland.

Solano was diagnosed with cancer more than three months ago and has been advised by the NHS not to return to Cuba due to the advanced stage of her condition. 

The JustGiving page reads: “Three months ago Heidy was diagnosed with cancer and has been receiving treatment since.

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“Given the advanced stage of her condition, the medical team have now advised that she will not be able to return to Cuba and have encouraged Felix to make arrangements for their two children Glenda (aged 21) and Felito (aged 18) to visit.

“Felix and Heidy have no recourse to public funds. Felix is only able to work part time because of Heidy’s care needs and will not be able to raise the funds to bring their two children to Scotland and support them during their stay.

“We are urgently trying to raise the funds to bring the children to Scotland to see their Mother and cover the costs of their stay. Any contributions will be greatly appreciated by the family.”

Eibhlin McHugh, who set the fundraiser said the family have been touched by the generosity of those who have donated as their fundraiser hit more than £9400 at the time of publishing.

She said: “The support for Felix and his family is absolutely amazing. Felix and Heidy are touched by your compassion, love and generosity. We're working hard to sort the Passports and Visas and to get Glenda and Felito on that flight to Scotland.

“Thanks to your generosity, we're on the home straight and that goal is within our grasp.”

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McHugh said the family remained in good spirits thanks to the “compassion and generosity” of supporters.

She continued: “Those of you who know Felix will also know what I mean when I say that there is also something about that Cuban spirit that they have which is reflected in their resilience and courage in the face of adversity.

“The NHS has really embraced this couple and are providing excellent care. I also want to acknowledge the practical and emotional support that their neighbours are providing. Together we're making a difference.”

The crowdfunder can be found at www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/heidyandfelixcrowdfunding