BORIS Johnson is a "diminished" figure whose own supporters are "fed up" of him, the SNP's depute Westminster leader has claimed following new poll results.

Polling carried out by YouGov for Sky News found four in ten Conservative Party members now think Johnson is doing a "bad job" as PM.

One third think he should step down as leader and almost half (46%) think Rishi Sunak would be better than him.

Meanwhile, after a raft of allegations about rule-breaking and corruption in Downing Street, four in ten say Johnson cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

The findings were published on Sunday and now Kirsten Oswald, the depute Westminster leader of the SNP, has said: “It is increasingly clear that even the Tories have had enough of Boris Johnson’s shambolic tenure.

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“This latest poll demonstrates, in no uncertain terms, that the popularity and trust the Prime Minister once had with the Tory membership has completely diminished.

“If the Tories are fed up with Boris Johnson, then why should the people of Scotland – who overwhelmingly reject him and his party – settle for this?

“Scotland has not voted for a Tory Prime Minister since the 1950s, yet time and time again we are forced to live under a Conservative government.

“Only with independence can Scotland finally rid itself of the Tories once and for all, and start to build a stronger and more prosperous nation.”