SCOTS much prefer to see the Saltire on their food and drink than the Union flag, results from a new survey have shown.

The Edinburgh-based research firm 56 Degree Insight asked 700 people about how they like to see products presented and what it means to them.

The majority of respondents (65%) preferred to see the national flag of Scotland on their food while just 10% said they like to see the Union flag more. Some 25% said they did not mind either way.

The researchers said that it was clear "Scottish identity" was important to the majority of those surveyed with 52% saying that if something is labelled as "locally produced" they believe it comes from Scotland.

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A further 39% responded saying that they would have expected it to have been made in the town, city or region where they live. Just 7% of people said they believe a "locally produced" item comes from elsewhere in the UK.

Buying locally is important for people with a total of 63% of those questioned indicating was very (22%) or quite important (41%).

The report says that the importance of using Scottish branding in Scotland is "clear", stating that "not only do Scots prefer Scottish products to be branded as ‘Scottish’, they also prefer their food and drink products to be as local as possible".

Duncan Stewart, a managing partner at 56 Degree Insight, said: “Food and drink is a key growth sector for the Scottish economy. Covid had a major impact and we have seen changing patterns in consumer behaviour.”

The research was produced by 56 Degree Insight as part of the Scottish Retail Food and Drink Awards for 2022.