AN Alba councillor accused of misrepresenting an MSP’s tweet on the reality of abusers and predators has distanced himself from the “abhorrent threats” sent her way by others following his comments.

Christopher McEleny, a councillor for Inverclyde and general secretary for the Alba Party, has been heavily criticised after he shared a screenshot of a tweet from Adam on Sunday, without including the follow-up providing context.

In the tweet, McEleny described the SNP as being taken over by "ideological zealots" as Adam argued peadophiles and predators are "people", rather than the "bogey men" they can be characterised as.

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In the second tweet from Adam - not included in McEleny's original post - she argues that failing to face the "horrors in plain sight" means failing to accept that family members, friends and members of our communities can be capable of horrific acts.

After McEleny, Alba's general secretary, claimed the post was an attempt to humanise those who abuse children, Adam left social media - saying she had been receiving death threats and harrassment.

McEleny later posted a thread of tweets calling for "nicer" politics.

He said: "I reject in the strongest possible manner anyone that has directed abhorrent threats at Ms Adam. I would urge her to report these to the police.

"My own Twitter notifications are currently full of abuse, threats, and requests for me to do horrible things to myself, which are never nice things to read for me or my family when you have a history of poor mental health experiences.

"I would plead with everyone that interacts about Scottish politics on Twitter to do so in a much nicer way.

"Ms Adam has subsequently clarified the point she was attempting to make in the initial tweet, which had been criticised by many online due to statements it made, and the message she is getting across with the added explanation is an important one that we should all listen to."

Speaking on Sunday evening, Adam clarified her original post due to it being taken out of context.

She said that she had also been a victim of child sexual assault and had been "open about my experience as a mother of my daughter's abuse at the hands of a family member".

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She continued: "To anyone denying or dismissing the fact that these predators are anything but people who walk among us who go under cover as ‘respectable’ only enable these people to go unnoticed.

"I have never seen a conviction or justice for what happened in my family because of attitudes of othering the real monsters who walk among us. Who would have thought ‘he’ could do such a thing?

"Twitter trolls and tabloids capitalising on this put us through more trauma. I see this too often as a progressive woman. It’s a constant battle to speak up. I will not be silenced or ashamed of somebody else’s actions."

The MSP for Banffshire and Buchan Coast later said she would be taking some time away from the platform due to her personal information being shared and had received death threats.

She tweeted: "Can’t sleep, not eaten. I’m worried for mine and my families safety after I was just told my personal details are now being shared.

"Death threats, vile abuse, told to kill myself. Told I’d be put through a wood chipper.

"Grateful for litigation advice. I'm off for a wee bit."