THE SNP have seen a boost in support in a new Westminster poll while backing for the two main UK parties has dipped.

Labour continue to be more popular than the Tories in the YouGov poll as support for Boris Johnson's party has slipped in the wake of multiple scandals.

Keir Starmer's party has a six-point lead with 36% of the vote but support has dipped by one point since last week.

Support for the Conservative Party has also fallen by two points with 30% of those polled indicating support for the Tories.

Support for the SNP increased by a point to put the Scottish party on 6% in the UK-wide poll carried out between December 19 and 20.

The SNP remain the most popular party in Scotland by far with 47% of support, while Labour are in second with 22% and the Tories are in third with 13%.

The LibDems and UK Green Party also saw a boost in support of two points and one point respectively. It means the LibDems now have 12% of the vote while the Greens have 8%.

Reform UK - previously the Brexit Party - saw support dip by a point to 5% of the overall UK vote.

The National: Keir Starmer continues to be a more popular choice than Boris Johnson for Prime MinisterKeir Starmer continues to be a more popular choice than Boris Johnson for Prime Minister

The poll also brought further bad news for Johnson as more people back the Labour leader to make the best Prime Minister.

Support for Starmer to take on the role stands at 34% (+1) and support for Johnson dipped by a point to 22%, while 44% of voters said they were not sure or refused to record an answer.

The poll asked 1790 UK voters above the age of 18 what their voting intention would be in the next General Election.

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It follows a period of scandal for the Conservative Party that has seen their consistent lead over Labour for the majority of Johnson's time as PM continues to decline.

An attempt to protect a Tory MP who broke lobbying rules saw North Shropshire MP Owen Paterson step down and the LibDems overturned a massive Tory majority in the recent by-election for the area which has had a Conservative MP since 1830.

Reports of parties allegedly held in Downing Street while the rest of the country was under strict Covid measures have also further compounded issues for the Tory government, while a group of 100 backbench MPs voted against Johnson's plans for new Covid measures, including the introduction of vaccine certificates for large venues.