IAN Blackford has vowed to use “all levers available” to ensure Boris Johnson is held accountable for misleading statements on No 10 parties and statements about the refurbishment of his Downing Street flat.

The SNP's Westminster leader said his party will use the final week in the Commons before Christmas to ensure the Prime Minister is held accountable for his actions which have been in the spotlight in the last week.

Johnson previously told Parliament that “there was no party” and that “all rules were followed” - statements which have been challenged by the latest revelations in the Sunday Mirror.

A picture published on the front page of the Sunday paper showed the Prime Minister appearing to ask questions in a quiz for Downing Street staff.

The National:

Downing Street acknowledged the picture, saying that the PM had “briefly” taken part “virtually” in the quiz.

During broadcast rounds on Sunday morning, Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi said that Johnson participated in the quiz night for "10 to 15 minutes to thank his staff".

Johnson also previously told Parliament that he paid for all refurbishments to his Downing Street flat - but leaked WhatsApp messages now claim this to be untrue.

The Tories were fined £17,800 by the Electoral Commission for failing to keep proper records over donations relating to more than £50,000 in refurbishments of the Prime Minister's No 11 Downing Street flat.

The National:

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Blackford has said that people in Scotland have "looked on in horror" as leaks have shown that the Tories were "flagrantly flouting" rules at Westminster.

The SNP MP for Ross, Skye and Lochaber said: “The latest damning evidence looks like a clear breach of the rules by the very person who set them.

“The Prime Minister’s constant misleading of Parliament - but more importantly, the public - cannot stand. It’s time for him to finally correct the record and resign.

“People in Scotland have looked on in horror as leak after leak confirms this Tory government wasn’t just breaking the rules - they were flagrantly flouting them at Westminster, while the public made important sacrifices for the good of us all.

“On the final week in the Commons before Christmas, the SNP will use all levers available to us to ensure that the Prime Minister is held accountable for his actions.”