A NEW poll has suggested that the SNP would gain 11 seats in Scotland if a UK election was held tomorrow.

The poll, conducted by Find Out Now UK and Electoral Calculus, covered Great Britain and had a sample of 922 respondents for Scotland.

Its findings – which use the regression polling method to measure attitudes by location or demographics – show that the SNP would gain 11 seats.

It also predicts that Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross would lose his Westminster seat to the SNP, along with Scottish MPs Andrew Bowie, David Duguid, John Lamont, Alister Jack, David Mundell, Alistair Carmichael and Ian Murray.

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The news comes following a recent poll from Ipsos Mori for STV that showed support for independence was at 55%.

The STV poll also gave the SNP a 52% vote share for the Holyrood constituency vote, and 45% for the Scottish Parliament's regional list vote.

Commenting, the SNP’s Westminster depute leader Kirsten Oswald MP said: “This is obviously a very good poll for us and reflects the findings of the recent Mori poll.

"However, we do not take anything for granted and will continue to make the case to the people of Scotland of how we can build a fairer, greener, and more prosperous nation as an independent country.

“The corruption and cronyism that has engulfed Westminster is clearly reaching Scottish voters.

“The people of Scotland are tired of getting repeated Westminster Tory governments they don’t vote for and who are focussed on enriching themselves at the expense of ordinary people.

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“Whether it’s scrapping the Universal Credit uplift, hiking taxes on the lowest earners, handing out Covid contracts to friends, or party donors ending up in the House of Lords – Scotland has had enough.

“We can do so much better than this, which is why the people of Scotland will be given the opportunity to choose a different path.

“The SNP were voted into Holyrood with a cast-iron mandate to hold an independence referendum, and we will deliver on that commitment.”

Breakdowns show the following results for Scotland:

SNP - 53%

Conservatives - 19%

Labour - 16%

Liberal Democrats - 5%

Greens - 4%

Reform - 1%

Other - 2%