SNP MPs will bring forward a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson's government next week, Ian Blackford has revealed.

The Westminster leader told SNP members in his speech to the party conference that the Prime Minister should face the consequences of his “disastrous actions” or he will think he can get away with doing it again.

Blackford laid out the growing number of scandals that have emerged from the UK Tory government such as cash for honours, cash for Covid contracts, and the Prime Minister’s refurbishment of his Downing Street flat, paid for by a Tory donor.

The MP said the corruption is “blatant and brazen”, pointing to the fact that since 2010, the Tory party has made nine former party treasurers’ members of the House of Lords.

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Blackford then confirmed that on Tuesday, SNP MPs will lodge a motion of censure in the House of Commons, which if passed allows a new government to be formed with support of a majority of MPs within 14 days.

If this isn’t achieved, Parliament is dissolved and an early General Election is triggered.

Speaking via video to the virtual conference, Blackford said: “It was previously said that the Prime Minister’s office was no place for a novice.

“Well, I can tell you, it is no place for a negligent either.

“And I know the Labour leader is fond of repeating these days that ‘the joke isn’t funny anymore’, but he clearly doesn’t get that Scotland never found the joke funny in the first place.

“All this time, we’ve always known our country, Scotland, can do so much better than this.

The National:

Blackford said SNP MPs will call a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson

“And conference, in the absence of actions from others in holding this Prime Minister to account, it is once again our job to act as the real opposition.

“On Tuesday, the SNP will use our opposition day to put down a motion of censure against this Prime Minister.

“Because unless this Prime Minister is censured, unless he faces consequences for his disastrous actions, he won’t just think he’s gotten away with the mess he has made of the last few months, he will think he can do it all over again.”

Blackford added that, putting politics aside, he fears these scandals are “distracting from the very real issues that are beginning to bite”.

He said: “In the real world – away from the political circus at Westminster – people are suffering a Tory cost of living crisis.

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“Inflation is running at 5% and the threat of mortgage interest rate hikes is a real worry on the horizon.

“Rising day to day costs and rising household bills are the main focus for most families.

“And as usual - it is those who can least afford it who are paying the biggest price.

“That is especially true for 2 million pensioners in poverty – who have been let down by another broken Tory manifesto promise with the scrapping of the triple lock.

“And while all of these political stories on sleaze have been going on – the political decision to cut Universal Credit is hitting homes hardest.”

Blackford said that the Joseph Rowntree Foundation confirmed that the £20 a week cut means 3.6 million families will be worse off this winter, adding that the Universal Credit cut was not only wrong but “came at the worst possible time”.

He called on the UK Government to reverse the cut but said he feared the Tories would instead “double down on their decisions”.

The National:

SNP MPs will put forward a motion of censure on Tuesday in the House of Commons

The Union Connectivity review, Blackford said, was nothing more than a “blatant attempt to bypass Scottish democracy”.

Blackford continued that the scandals and policy decisions he outlined are the “costs we all pay for being part of this union” and that the stability of the UK has “systematically fallen apart”.

He added: “Independence is now the pathway to safety and stability – it offers an escape from the constant crisis of Westminster control.

“Built on the solid foundations of our own democratic decisions, independence offers the opportunity to build the post-pandemic future we all wish to see.

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“The chance to build a new Scotland, that finally takes its natural place amongst the nations of the world.”

Blackford finished his speech with a rallying cry to members that although the independence movement has faced “ a long road” the journey’s end is “now in sight”.

He added: “A new Scotland, an independent Scotland is within our grasp.

“Let us deliver it.”

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will give the final speech of the conference on Monday afternoon.