BORIS Johnson twice refused to say if he would quit as Prime Minister during a fiery exchange with Ian Blackford at PMQs.

The Prime Minister is facing a potential leadership contest as angry Tory MPs submitted letters of no confidence in him.

It follows a disastrous speech to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) where the PM rambled about Peppa Pig, forcing Downing Street to say Johnson was “well".

In the Commons, the Tory leader repeatedly dodged questions from SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford on if it is time for him to stand down.

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Blackford opened his question by stating that the past few weeks have shown the UK Tory government “at its very worst”.

He said: “A Tory sleaze and corruption scandal not seen since the 1990s, Tory cuts and tax rises that will leave millions of people worse off, a litany of broken promises from HS2 to carbon capture, social care the triple lock on pensions, and who can possibly forget the £20 billion bridge to Ireland that evaporated into thin air.

“At the centre of all this is one man, a Prime Minister who is floundering in failure.

“So can I ask the Prime Minister with his party falling in the polls, his colleagues briefing against him, has he considered calling it a day before he’s pushed out the door?”

The Prime Minister completely evaded answering the question in his response and claimed that the public want to hear less talk about “politics and politicians”.

He said: “They want to talk about what the Government is doing for the people of Scotland, and what the Scottish Government is doing for the people of Scotland, which isn’t enough.

“He talks about infrastructure investment and I can tell him if he will wait until I think Friday or later this week he is going to hear what we’re going to do with the Union Connectivity Review to ensure that the people of Scotland are served with the connections that they need, which the Scottish nationalist party [sic] has totally failed to put in.”

Blackford pointed out that Johnson didn’t answer the question, but said he didn’t expect him to take responsibility as he “never does”.

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He added: “This isn’t just about the chaos in the Conservative Party it’s about the state of the United Kingdom under his failing leadership.

“Because whilst the Prime Minister spends his time hunting for chatty pigs and staving off a leadership challenge from the Treasury, in the real world people are suffering a Tory cost of living crisis.

Brexit is hitting the economy hard, but the Prime Minister can’t even give a coherent speech to business.

“The Prime Minister’s officials have lost confidence in him, Tory MPs have lost confidence in him, the letters are going in, and the public have lost confidence in him. Why is he clinging on when quite clearly he isn’t up to the job?”

The National:

Again, Johnson obfuscated and asked Blackford “what on earth” he is doing asking about “party political issues”.

He then tried to claim that the SNP, and implied this also included the cause of independence, is “falling in the polls”.

He said: “All the people of Scotland want to hear is what on earth the Scottish national government is doing, they’re falling in the polls, their cause, yes they are, their cause is falling in the polls.

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“Considering their manifold failures on tax, on education, on all the things that the people of Scotland really care about I’m not surprised, and I can see some agreement on the benches opposite.”

We previously told how Johnson’s cringey CBI speech made headlines after he announced Peppa Pig world was his kind of place, compared himself to Moses and impersonated a car engine revving.

Shortly afterwards it was revealed that around a dozen parliamentarians have written no-confidence letters to the chair of the influential 1922 committee for backbench Tories.