ANTI-VACCINATION groups have organised a boycott of Tesco after their Christmas advert featured Santa showing his Covid-19 vaccine status to get through border control.

The supermarket’s festive ad drew criticism from vocal anti-vaxx figures like Gillian McKeith, leading to the hashtag #BoycottTesco trending on Twitter.

Tesco’s advert is set to Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen, and features various clips of people proving nothing will stop them from enjoying Christmas this year.

In one scene, a news presenter warns Santa could be quarantined upon his arrival in the UK – but he’s able to get through after he shows a border control officer that he is fully vaccinated using a QR code on his phone.

TV personality McKeith, who often uses her social media to promote anti-vaccine and Covid-sceptical content, took to Twitter to say: “Tesco has a new Christmas advert that celebrates #discrimination & #segregation via a fully jabbed Santa who shows his medical status!

“Who in their right mand in management thought this was a good idea? If you don’t #BoycottTesco then you are #complicit.”

Other “free speech” anti-vaccine accounts claimed they would stop using Tesco after relying on the supermarket all their lives. One post, liked more than 1500 times, accused Tesco of “brainwashing” children.

Tesco is yet to comment on the proposed boycott, but spoke ahead of the launch of the annual Christmas ad.

Alessandra Bellini, chief customer officer at Tesco, said: “We know that Christmas is a hugely important time for many of our customers and, after last year’s events, that is truer now than ever.

“Whenever we set out to create our campaigns, we want to be sure that we capture how the nation really feels and reflect that. Our research revealed that people are looking forward to meaningful get-togethers with their loved ones again and given the backdrop of canceled plans of last year they won’t let anything stop them from having a proper celebration this year.

“We hope our joyful festive ad will resonate and put a smile on people’s faces as we prepare for a season of well-deserved celebrations. After all, this Christmas, nothing’s stopping us.”